Frequently asked questions

How frequently do you Visit?

Customers have visits weekly or forthnightly. We currently don't do one-offs or infrequent visits.

How much do you charge?

Every garden is diffrent and because of this we don't have a set price. We would have to visit your garden to give you a qoute.

Do you do Garden tidy ups?

Yes, quite often customer's will need an initial tidy up before regular maintenance begins.

Do you take waste away?

We don't take waste away. We generally use the customers recycling bin, if that's not possible the customer would have to arrange for the waste to be removed.

What do you do in the winter?

We garden all year round. Although the frequency of visits will reduce most of our customer's have 2-3 visits over the Winter. Visits in the Winter keep your garden looking good and also benefit your garden in the Summer.

What area do you cover?

Our service is available in most parts of south Liverpool.